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Campaigns for "Better Administration at Local Level Supplied to the people from Middlesbrough Town Hall" which in future will be known by the abreviation
BALLS to the people from Middlesbrough Town Hall.

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Middlesbrough Watchman just when they thought it was all forgotton the truth comes out into the open. Watch Watchman make them sweat squirm and wriggle more revelations coming soon.

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Middlesbrough. It'll blow your mind.

Middlesbrough Mayor Ray "RoboCop" Mallon showing his true colours, rather than defender of the people Mallon could be renamed "RoboBrick". Mallon's perverse interest in all things "demolition/destruction" could be construed as some sort of mental issue. Did he have a lonely childhood, forever spitting his dummy and toys from the pram. Having witnessed his years in power at Middlesbrough, you decide.

Oh yeah, it's that good. See for yourself.

My destruction of Middlesbrough hasn't quite gone to plan, with more left to do. During my tenure many have prospered, for example members of MBC Exec, Demolition and Landscaping companies. Now just where did I leave the keys.... to my Bulldozer.

And before we go to the shelters. Bulldozer Man.

Residents of Middlesbrough could be forgiven expecting my tenure as Mbro Mayor produced so few benefits for the town. Residents are wrong to think this, my team at MBC Exec have all benefited and my passion for demolition, destruction and playing with Bulldozers has been fulfilled.

And lastly, this one. Final Destruction.

Ray "Bomber Harris" Mallon and new Mayor David Budd's solution to the Middlesbrough problem.
Bomb it back to before the stone age.

See the images on this website showing the results.

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed to so many by so few.
(The few profiteers at Middlesbrough Council - The many people of Middlesbrough)
All hearts go out to the Citizens and home owners residing in Middlesbrough.
Whose brilliant actions against MBC we have seen with our own eyes these past ten years (2005-2015).
But we must never forget in all that time day after day month after month year after year.
Ray Mallon and New Mayor of Middlesbrough David Budd's bomber squadrons have continued to travel deep into Gresham (aka Central Ward formerly Gresham) and central Middlesbrough Gem Streets to find their targets in what has now become the darkest time for residents living in Middlesbrough town centre.
These attacks on the people often come alongside the heaviest fire of diatribe from Members of Middlesbrough Executive.
During a time of inflicting death and serious loss with deliberate careful precision, MBC dealt shattering blows upon the local communities health, financial well being and structures.
In the name of progress at a cost of over 27 million pounds from the Public Purse.

Mallon denounced Gresham as:- The Cancer of Middlesbrough

Mallon Budd and cohorts stated:-
The people of Gresham want three bedroom properties with garages and gardens.
The area will be rebuilt for local people

The housing in Central Middlesbrough is over 750 years old, source Charles "Loony" Rooney

Rooney believes UK houses are on average 750 years old, so he wants them all demolished.
Looney is now second in command at the Cleveland Police Commisars Office, extrapolating from Rooney the "Loonies" mindset housing wisdom he might think Cleveland Police are full of Peelers.
Maybe it's a throw back from serving Mallon's marauders at Middlesbrough Council, well let's face it, they peeled off all the best deals for themselves.

Car Parks - what Car Parks - Housing will not be demolished to provide Car Parks

What did the People get from MBC in the last ten years at a cost of millions:-

Devastation and Mayhem.

Shock, trauma, distress, stress, strain, pain, anguish, suffering, upset, agony, misery and heartache for the residents

And oh yes - Car Parks for Middlesbrough Council

Readers may wonder are Middlesbrough Executive members smoking Charles Rooney the "Loonies" Grass?

These actions by Middlesbrough Council raises the question:- Who Profits?

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