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Citizen Smith

Campaigns for "Better Administration at Local Level Supplied to the people from Middlesbrough Town Hall" which in future will be known by the abreviation
BALLS to the people from Middlesbrough Town Hall.

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Middlesbrough. It'll blow your mind.

Middlesbrough Mayor Ray "RoboCop" Mallon showing his true colours, rather than defender of the people Mallon could be renamed "RoboBrick". Mallon's perverse interest in all things "demolition/destruction" could be construed as some sort of mental issue. Did he have a lonely childhood, forever spitting his dummy and toys from the pram. You have witnessed his ten years in power at Middlesbrough, you decide.

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Oh yeah, it's that good. See for yourself.

My destruction of Middlesbrough hasn't quite gone to plan, with more left to do. During my tenure many have prospered, for example members of MBC Exec, Demolition and Landscaping companies. Now just where did I leave the keys.... to my Bulldozer.

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And before we go to the shelters, Bulldozer Man.

Residents of Middlesbrough could be forgiven expecting my tenure as Mbro Mayor produced so few benefits for the town. Residents are wrong to think this, my team at MBC Exec have all benefited and my passion for demolition, destruction and playing with Bulldozers has been fulfilled.

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And lastly, this one. Final Destruction.

Ray "Bomber Harris" Mallon's solution to Middlesbrough.

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